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Received April 16 2012


Dear Mick,

Have been out to lunch and can finally have a siesta . Thank you so much for "bringing me back". The guys are so lovely with each other, there appears to be genuine warmth and affection between them. I do notice these things. These are lovely human beings- quite apart from being so veryyyyyyy sexy. Edwin can come any time before exhibition and get a special deal, which includes being rimmed. He is the first person I fucked in a while. Delicious! I even bought a new dildo in case he comes.  But you are the star, Mick. I don't know how you do it so effortlessly. You are the best host ever. Jack xxx Trouper




Received 19 December 2011

Hey Mick,

Thanks for a great party on the 17th. It was mine and my mates first time there and we all had a great time.

Please let us know when the next one is.

Steve Banker11


Received 10 November 2011

Hi Mick,

Thank you for all your services, kindness and invitation..!

Really enjoyed my first night at your venue, liked the concept, felt real at ease and horny too (overall a success...! Really hope to come to the next one

Fonzi Mclamb



Received 28 September 2011

Hey Mick

Thanks again for a great party. Great fun, great guys again.



Received Monday, 15 August 2011

Hey Mick. Thanks again for a great party last Friday 12 August and Eugene was a deserved winner of the £100 prize. Also, the new venue is great with a fantastic central location and it was great to meet some new people. Have tried logging into the members area. My account was activated ages ago but it keeps coming up with no member with that email address known. Please could you reset the details for me or advise me what to do. Regards, Ricky x

Received Thursday 7 July 2011

Hey Mick:
Thanks again for the Adonis Party. I had a great time. It was lots of fun but also has tons of potential so I expect it will get even hotter / better.

David (wantsome)

Received Sunday 3 July 2011

Dear Mick,

Thanx for another great party on Friday night, Like the new venue, very central, and ideal for most I would guess..? certainly for me, it only took 20 mins in the car, and was able to park right outside..!! What service..! Guess some may find the venue smaller than the last one, but they`ll soon love it...!! Especially if your able to get upstairs too..!!


Really liked the tall Asian guy, who was he..? Big cock too, great to play with too..! Yum..

Hope you had a good night too..? and we didn`t leave too much mess.


Cheers Mark .runnerboy



 Received Mon, 20 Jul 2009

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed attending the LUST event Adonis Lounge last Sunday 19th July. I'm very much looking forward to the next one . Thank you for making me feel so welcome. what a great afternoon/evening! My first Adonis Lounge & I was more than pleasantly surprised!!! a warm, friendly welcome from both the guys working there & fellow members.... & the atmosphere continued throughout the evening in the same vein.... & wow! how sexy are the guys who go!!! To be amongst so many gorgeous looking guys was pure Heaven!! The facilities are great too... clean well thought out play areas, a well stocked bar & excellent showers, towels etc. Bring it on!! will look forward to the next one!!! Thank you guys for making my first attendance so enjoyable.

Johnnie, profile (yorksbutt)


Received  Tuesday 19 May 2009 18:37:41

Profile  .dreamer25 Gaydar

Hi Mick,

I came along with Mark to your party on Sunday, and just wanted to say thank you for organising it, and for allowing me to join in.

I have to say that although I'm no angel (far from it...!), I'd never been in an environment like that before. I was a bit apprehensive before hand but had nothing to worry about as everyone was really friendly and attitude-free. Oh, and it helped that they were all super-hot too!

Thanks again - and maybe see you again sometime...

Matt x

 Received 22 March 2009

Profile  myway1

Great party last Sunday


Received 23rd December 2008



Thanks for another excellent party. It never ceases to amaze me how friendly everyone is and how  sexy they are! The pressies were a sweet touch, I've worn my pants already!

Merry Christmas, a happy New Year and I'll see you at the next party I hope.

Steve xxx



Received 24 November 2008


Thanks Mick,

Sunday was great!

I am really liking this place, friendly guys, no rush, everyone smiling and plenty of hot and uninhibited guys, yum!.

See you soon.




 Received 7 July 08

   Hey Mick!

   Thanks for a fantastic night! Had an absolute amazing time!

   Just wanted to let you know that I left my trunks in the venue, so if you find them could you please keep it for me to collect some point later!





   Received 23 July 08

   Hey Mick

   Thanks so much for a great night on Sunday. I had such a good time and can't believe i left it so long. Hope to be at the next party.

   Hugs x




   Received 23 June 2008

   Hi Mick,

   Just wanted to say a very big "THANK YOU" to you and all the other guys for putting on such a great party yesterday..!! I truly had a lot of fun...

   Your parties are just the best, so relaxed, no "up yourself" guys, no attitude, just a bunch of really friendly fun blokes...

   I rarely go to Saunas, in fact I can`t remember the last time I did in London, it must be 5 or even 8 yrs now, there just believe it or not, no my thing, due largely to the Stand off``ish attitude of a lot of the guys that go to them, some are so up themseleves and unfriendly, But, that's certainly NOT the case at your parties, they truly are, really fun and relaxed.

   I love coming to yours, so different from any Sauna I know, and a million times better..!!

   Keep it up...!! And thanx again for having me along...!!

   Cheers Mark


   Received 17th February 08

   Hey Mick

   Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you... Had an awesome time, very attractive guys, no attitude and a completely stress free and fun evening... I will definitely be coming again!... Please pass on my thanks to one and all!



   Received 18th December 07

   Dear Mick and All,

   Many many thanks for the SEXMASS Special Party, you all work so so hard to make everyone comfortable.

   Sending you very best wishes for a great Christmas and a wonderful new year.



   Received 17th December 07

   hija Mick

   Just completely bowled over by the party last nite brill! My sincere thanks to you and your band of lovely sexy helpers for yet another mind blowing party - in conversation with one of the guests I mentioned that this must be the best private party in the UK - the Canadian guy who has travelled the world corrected me with "I have been to many - this has to be the best in the world."

   The set up is superb with amazing attention to detail - so often missed at poor imitations of this party & mainstream  clubs - for example where else can you get a douche? ok its damn refreshing with a rod of metal shooting cold water up your bum but hey I aint complaining! (we are reassured the hot water will be fixed by the venue owner for the next party - editor.)

   I love the relaxed atmosphere & the crowd - it really feels like you are with friends - and no attitude - unlike some venues where guys walk round like hey look at me but don't touch - I'm not here for fun but for you to admire.

   For the price of £20 ( or only £15 if you pay online! ) what you get is fantastic value - free coat check - loads of free drinks & food - great free prizes - and at this party a free voucher for the future worth £20! - where else can you arrive at 3pm & leave at 7am the next morning! Well done again Mick & your dedicated team - wishing you a great Christmas & looking forward to more parties next year!

   xxxMichael ( gaydar sleazymichael 17/12/07 )


   Received 24th December 07

   Hi Mick, I just wanted to thank you again for the great party last week.  As I said, I think you are a great host and you always make sure that everyone is happy.  Well done. Happy holidays and see you soon. xxx  Michel


   Received:  Thursday  25 October 2007  18:32

   Hey Mick, I had a great time Sunday, thanks for the invite x


   Received Thu, 25 Oct 2007


   That was so much fun. I can't believe the fun I had. It was hotter than my wildest dreams.



   Received Wed, 24 Oct 2007

   Hi Mick Thnaks again for a great party! I really enjoyed it!

   Thanks Martin


   Received 23 October 07

   hi Mick

   ...thanks again for a great party....I had a very horny time and I love the new space and the boys were very sexy...!!! willl be back soon.

   all the best....



   Received Mon, 22 Oct 2007

   Just a quickie to say congrats on another very horny nite Mick - you promised me lots of fun as I do not really drink alcohol very much and you delivered 8))


   d xx


   Received Tue, 18 Sep 2007

   Hi Michael.

   Just wanted to say thanks so much for the party. Looking forward to the next one




   Received Sun, 05 Aug 2007

   Hi Mick

   Just want to say thanks for the great party you and your staff always organize. I had great time, the atmosphere was relaxing but horny.

   I had fun not only playing, but also chatting in the lounge or at the bar, I met gorgeous and lovely guys. So thanks again, and hope to come again when I will be in London again.





   Received Sun, 29 Jul 2007

   Hi Mick

   Thanks for today. I had a really good time. I checked my schedule when I got home and I can't make next Sunday mores the pity but would love to come to the next one if that's okay





   Received Mon, 02 Jul 2007


   A quick email to say thanks for the party at yours on Sat night.  I had a great time and it wasn't just the fruit punch!  I hope the clear up didn't take too long and see you at the next full on Adonis in Limehouse if I don't have to work again.

    Take care



   Received 18 June 2007

   Hey Mick

   Thanks so much for a great welcome to the group. firstly for being so cool about me turning up with no cash!! I found it and my card at home on a chair...I'd just put it down without realising! anyway thanks! I've only ever been to one of this type of party before so was dam nervous at first, but I like the set up, nice and chilled in the front room. Had a great time I think you saw on at least a few occasions!  definitely be coming back ( with my wallet this time) , so see you  in July.

   Thanks again to you and all your colleagues



   Received Mon, 28 May 2007

   Hey Mick -- great party in limehouse last week.  I had a blast.  hey, I can't seem to download the members list from the website.  do you have the gaydar profile of that slim black guy.  think he's done a bit of porn and is shaved headed or bald.  If you do, please send my way.  would love to get to know him better. Thanks and see you next time!



   Received Mon, 28 May 2007

   Hi Mick,

   Thanks for the invite to the 20th May 07 party. Very much enjoyed myself and sorry I couldn't stay too late, I had an early start on Monday...Are there any pics or videos of the party we can see/buy yet?

   Best Backhus


   Received Mon, 21 May 2007

   Hi Mick,

   Just want to say what a great evening yesterday was. I had so much fun. I could’ve stayed longer but I was just too tired as I’ve just arrived from Cork without any sleep since Saturday. I absolutely loved the atmosphere as it was very social and not intimidating at all... I hope to go again next time. As I've said, I really hope the parties get bigger as it was really fantastic!!!

   Thanks for a great evening and for inviting me!




    Received Thu, 03 May 2007

   The last party in Cable Street was fantastic!! Really good vibe.

    If you see Dan will you tell him I kept trying to contact him but he has no answer service on his phone.

    I probably can’t make it on Sat.

    All the best



   Received 23 April 07

   Hi Mick

   Thanks very much for the party.

   it was good n all your boys who helped were brilliant and hospitable.

   thanks n sorry I couldn't stay as much as I wanted but had a meeting next morning and then travelling and have been working all eve- but I really enjoyed it.


   when is the next one??lol mantra16

   Received Mon, 23 Apr 2007

   Hey Mick,

    Thanks again for organising, yet one more time, a great party!

    Can't wait till the next time, just hope I don't have any guests from out of town....!

    Also, I left behind a sports water bottle. No big deal, but if you come across it would be nice if you could save it for me to collect next month.

    Look forward to seeing you and guys again soon,



   Received Tue, 27 Mar 2007

   Hi all,

   Thank you for the very sexy evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    See you all soon.

    x x James


   Received 24 Feb 2007

   Hey Mick!

   Thanks for last Sunday! Was well impressed with Adonis Lounge! Will be back ...  




   Received Mon, 19 Feb 2007

   Morning Mick,

   Thanx again for another fantastic party, really had a great time, how do you pull it off so well every month..?? ( no pun intended..!! ) The Russian guy Ewan69 was just GORGEOUS...!! can I marry him  now please..!!! So lovely, not just sexual, though that was great,, but a really nice guy to talk to as well, lets advertise the club in Moscow....!!!!!!There was another guy there I had fun with, said his profile was "Husky28"and he was called Adrian, from Hong Kong, first time at the party, but I can’t see his name on your list, and now profile on Gaydar of that name..??can you shed any light on it, he had to leave early, but would like to see him again..!! Many thanx again Mick, another brilliant party..!!

   Cheers Mark


   Received Mon, 19 Feb 2007

   Thank you Michael for a great party. Will have to finish off the fun sometime.

    Big Hug smiling Jack.



   Received Fri, 09 Feb 2007

   Hi Mick & Gang

   Hoggman, Graham from Bristol here. I wanted to write a testimonial on the website but couldn't see how to it, so I hope you don't mind me sending it this way:I went to my first Adonis Party in Jan 07 and I'm still beating the monkey about it, plus I'm gonna get in for free by about July,  yeah bring it on.

   Hoggman (gaydar)

   Sorry I can't be with you for the Feb one, enjoy, see you very soon Gx


   Received Sat, 27 Jan 2007

   Hi Mick,

   So sorry, I forgot to thank you for the party a week past Sunday, was it the 10th...!? Anyway it was FANTASTIC... I think one of your best so far, WELL DONE, and thank you, I got down to it straight away..!! I’d barely got my kit off and was at it...!!

   What makes your parties SO GOOD is the totally relaxed, no attitude approach, everyone is so friendly, and are dead sexy too.

   As I come to more and more I’m getting to know more guys who I see each time and its really nice just to sit and catch up..its not all just about the hot fun...!! well, for a couple of mins..!! then we get down to it again..

   Thanx for having me along, and thanx for all the work you must put in VERY MUCH APPRECIATED..

   Happy Xmas Mick.

   Cheers Mark x

   Gaydar profile .runnerboy


   Received 22 Jan 07

   hey Mick, nice to meet you. I had a great time, it was very friendly, very sexy and very well organised. Great value and I will definitely be at your future parties. Was nice to meet you and your friends who helped put the event together, thanks for your work.

   take care



   Received Tue, 23 Jan 2007

   Hi Michael.

        Just want to say thank you and your team at Adonis Lounge for making my first visit so welcoming.

   I look forward to the next party and if there is anything Hung Fashions UK Ltd can do please feel free to call me.

    Steve Miller


   Hung Fashions UK Ltd



   Received Mon, 22 Jan 2007

   Hi Mick

   Thanks for another great party yesterday - brilliant as always.




   Received Fri, 03 Nov 2006

   Hi Mick,

    A belated big "Thank You " for the great party on Sunday, as I think you know, I went to New York the next morning, and have only just got back, so that’s why I wasn’t able to Email you till now.

    I REALLY enjoyed it, you must off put in so much work, and it really paid off, you’d thought of everything as far as I could see, it was just great, wish I’d been able to stay longer, but I had to go to NYC at 8am on the Monday morning, but I played with some very sexy guys before I left, nice to see some new faces.... and bods..!! not to mention the regulars who are always good to see.

   Did the show take place..? when I left at 9pm it hadn’t, was curious to know what it was, and see it of course.

   Are you planning to run more there..? Great venue, but a bit of a drive for me, but don’t worry I’ll be back.. Hope there wasn’t too much to clear up, and that your not out of pocket, hope you made a profit, you certainly deserve it.

    Did you get pictures of the Sess with June..? I couldn’t make it, so would love to see any pics you’ve got of it, please forward any you have.

    Again Thank You for a great party, and all the work you must of put in.

    Cheers Mark



    Thanks for a great party and an excellent organization. You guys kick ass!

    Had a great time, very hot and sexy guys, and despite the cold shower the venue was very good.

    Can't wait for the next one!



   Received Tue, 31 Oct 2006

   Hey Mick,

   Thanks for putting on a great party on Sunday. You've obviously put a great deal of work into making the environment so comfortable and appropriate but most striking for me was the friendly and relaxed atmosphere - no attitude. I was sorry to leave so early but energy levels were too low to function!!

   All the best



   Received Mon, 30 Oct 2006

   hey Mick -- thanks again for another great party! Really well done, great venue and a load of great guys.  See ya at the next one.



   Received Fri, 26 Jan 2007

   Hi Mick,

   Meant to do this sooner but I have been away all week! Great party last Sunday - my first evening went with a bang, and I  met many very nice people too! The atmosphere is genuinely radical, full-on eros - the best place to be for the  adventurous! Thank you and look fwd to next one.

   Have a good w/e.Guido


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