Ask a Stripper, Gay Pride 2019!

“Ask A Stripper” during World Pride, 2019


Name That Stripper 2019!

Andy Cohen & guests play “Name That Stripper”
on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live

Adonis Lounge @ NYC Gay Pride 2019

Highlights from the Adonis Lounge at the 2019 NYC Pride Parade


Beer Dong

3 Adonis dancers play “Beer Dong”
with Andy Cohen & Guests
on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live

Name That Stripper!

Andy Cohen plays “Name That Stripper” with his guests
on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live

PLUS: One Adonis Stripper makes a special visit!

Ask A Stripper 2016

“Adonis Lounge 7th Anniversary: Ask a Stripper 2016”

Best Ass Contest

“Adonis Lounge 7th Anniversary: Best Ass Contest”

Adonis Gets a Shout Out On Buzzfeed

“Ways You Ask If He’s Queer Without Actually Asking”

Tim on Davey Wavey Show

Discussing Gay for Pay.

Adonis Town Hall 2016

From BoyCulture: A very politically incorrect video from The Adonis Lounge shot at the NYC Pride Parade on 6.26.16.

Gay Pride NYC 2016

Our video montage of Adonis Lounge NYC at the LGBT Pride March aka Gay Pride Parade in NYC with our eclectic group of goodwill ambassadors!

Ask a Stripper

From BoyCulture: The go-go guys on the float graciously donated their time (which does NOT happen often) to answer a few ridiculous questions rooted in various fallacies—no, Barbara Walters, Chris Christie and Barack Obama did not say these things. They’re completely made up…just like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson’s religions.

Gay Pride NYC 2014

From Boy Culture: “Spending the day of the Gay Pride Parade in NYC 6.29.14 with the half-naked dudes of The Adonis Lounge!”

BoyCulture Chats with Adonis Strippers

BoyCulture chats with four of the hottest strippers from The Adonis Lounge’s 4th anniversary party in NYC, including porn star Sean Zevran.

Boy Culture Interviews Tim de Iturriaga

From Boy Culture: Tim de Iturriaga, a former dancer himself, talks frankly about running The Adonis Lounge.

Hookies 2013

Adonis presents the “Best Body Award” at the Hookies 2013 Awards

Behind the Scenes

One Spring morning, Adonis decided to stage a group photo shoot featuring all of our top stars. Being well aware that strippers have a hard enough time getting out of bed for their child support and parole hearings, we contrived our own plan promising a mid day rave with a live DJ, food, and single make-up artists. It worked and we ended up getting some great pictures, video interviews, and enough stupid sound bites to confirm what we all already knew…All the stereotypes about strippers are indeed true! Enjoy…

Check out our other video: Adonis Los Angeles & Adonis Las Vegas

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